Dark Times - Besh Company

Q2 log 1

Never work for the huts

Our first contract was fulfilled…though it has left a bad taste in my mouth…mostly the coppery taste of my own blood. Man those droids can pack a mean punch. We ended up escorting some annoying finance guy working for a Hutt…not much meat left on the bone after that dude came through claiming everything. which reminds me, i think i need to renegotiate my contract…i am looking around and it would seem the wookie and our gunner have some nice new toys…guess they are better negotiators than i thought….so much for equal shares in this company. Also I have a new found respect and suspicion related to all things droid now…it would seem they are starting some sort of revolution…remind me not to purchase a medbot to help with surgeries. All said and done we made it through all right…though the experience reminds me that i need to get back in the cockpit more often…my flying skills have gotten rusty.



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