Dark Times - Besh Company

Grawl's Log: Episode 2

More Droids?

I have to admit, this is not entirely what I expected. I understand the need to make money, but this outfit is certainly starting to feel like nothing more than enforcement for whichever major business interest can’t be bothered to manage its own corporate security this month. The adventure and excitement offered certainly seems to be there, but it always seems to be about the almighty dollar. Who outside the boardroom truly cares about a few luxury cruise ships, anyway? Oh well, at least we actually got to deal with some organics this time around. Droids just don’t give the same squishy satisfaction when they collapse into pieces. Speaking of which, I don’t think anyone has become suspicious of my axe yet. I’ll have to remember to tip that supply Sergeant to keep things quiet. Although I doubt they’d throw me back to the Hutts, any internal disciplinary actions could be less than pleasant as well. I’m still not sure how I feel about this thing though; what does it say about me when my efficiency increases as much as it has based solely on a hunk of metal? Does the wielder even matter at that point? Is there more ground to be gained on the road to perfection without such toys? Do my talents even truly matter when an entire army can be destroyed by a single amateur slicer? Perhaps there may be something to be said for a degree of mechanical aptitude. So many questions still to be resolved…



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