Dark Times - Besh Company

The Invasion of Pho Ph'eah

Episode 2

Operational Mission: The Cobalt Mercenary Regiment has been hired by the Kallea Merchants Guild from H’Kan to destroy a pirate/slaver fleet on the planet Pho Ph’eah, and in the process free peoples enslaved, to include the plant population.

Tactical Mission: Besh 3 has been tasked with taking over a Droid control bunker located in the Artic Circle of Pho Ph’eah.

Mission Background: Our customer in recent months has lost as many as three luxury cruise ships to piracy. Their sources have identified the ATHC as the aggressors responsible for this.

During the Clone Wars Pho Ph’eah was a Trade Federation Colony focused on warhousing goods, and upkeeping ships and crews near a number of minor trade routes. When the Clone War ended, Pho Ph’eah was one of several outposts that was overlooked by the Empire as it reconquered the Outer Rim. At the end of the war, the outpost commander was a Chevin by the name of Topsi Mon. When the war ended, he took command of the world through the droid forces that were at his command, and ordered the small fleet that was in orbit to distribute itself amung the various astroid belts and gas giants. Any commanders that didn’t follow his direction were murdered. A few years after the war, Topsi Mon created the Alyan Tusk Holding Company (ATHC) on Nar Shadda, claiming all the assets on and around Pho Ph’eah as war salvage. His fleet includes one Munificient – class star frigate, the Siren’s Call, two Recusant-class Light Destroyer’s, the Foreclosure and the Debtor’s Leash, as well as number of corvettes and support vessels. Since its formation, the ATHC has been one of the worse pirate and slavery organizations in the Outer Rim. However, the organization has always avoided the attention of the Empire, or any other major player in this region.

The ATHC does not own any droid control ships, so it droid army is controlled through a satellite based planetary system. Besh 3 is responsible for taking control of that facility and turning the droids against their masters.

There are still significant non-droid adversaries in the ATHC, so the entirety of Cobalt will be participating in this operation, including the Invictus. Besh 3’s mission will significantly reduce the difficulty of this mission, as well as the threat to any prisoners on the planet.



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