Dark Times - Besh Company

Strelka's Log Entry 3

That last mission was more fun than I thought. Didn’t see why the boss had to get mad just because we asked for a few grenades. The whole planet is a war zone, and here we got to go to a party with nothing but carbines. I don’t like hanging with rich folks, too many skeletons even when they think they’re clean. Glad two of the boys stuck with our patron, gave me the chance to keep away from that mess. Turned out that was the right choice when the enemy showed up. Had to jump off a balcony to escape but damned if I had Sweetness here they’d have been the ones running.

Getting to call in the cavalry to recapture the VIPs was the best part of all this. Had to yell at some footy named Peace or something like that, but he got Sweetness to me so I guess I owe him one. No way I’m going up against a technical with just a carbine. A good ambush is its own reward. Feel kinda bad for the VIPs that got pasted after I shot the enemy leader type, but hey, it’s war. No such thing as a good war.

Strelka's Log
Entry 2

The new gun is almost perfect. Mowing down old B-1s left and right. No stun setting though, but that’s what fists are for.

Caught our target pretty flat footed trying to escape. Damn Gamorrean almost got me with the biggest hand-cannon I’ve ever seen. Wookie mopped her up nicely though after I took that side-shot. These rebels or resistance or whatever we’re fighting here, feels like they’re not trying very hard when it comes to protecting their own. Not that I’m complaining, makes my job easier.

I think at least one of the weirdos has stopped eyeing me like I stole his noodles. Glad I didn’t have to knock any heads on that one.

Q2 log 1
Never work for the huts

Our first contract was fulfilled…though it has left a bad taste in my mouth…mostly the coppery taste of my own blood. Man those droids can pack a mean punch. We ended up escorting some annoying finance guy working for a Hutt…not much meat left on the bone after that dude came through claiming everything. which reminds me, i think i need to renegotiate my contract…i am looking around and it would seem the wookie and our gunner have some nice new toys…guess they are better negotiators than i thought….so much for equal shares in this company. Also I have a new found respect and suspicion related to all things droid now…it would seem they are starting some sort of revolution…remind me not to purchase a medbot to help with surgeries. All said and done we made it through all right…though the experience reminds me that i need to get back in the cockpit more often…my flying skills have gotten rusty.

Q2 log
strippers and salt

it would seem we hit a new low in Besh Company. I am not sure what we did to anger our CO…but yesterday it became apparent as he had us go out like lowly bounty hunters to search for some slaver scumbag in the seedy part of town. We almost lost our Bothan again as he opened his mouth to speak and got a mouth full of blaster instead…fortunately it would seem my new techniques at stimpack placement paid off as it was likely the only thing that kept the Lt from fulfilling his destiny. Ultimately we were successful in bringing in our mark…so hopefully this will put us back into the company’s good graces so we can make some real money.

Grawl's Log: Episode 2
More Droids?

I have to admit, this is not entirely what I expected. I understand the need to make money, but this outfit is certainly starting to feel like nothing more than enforcement for whichever major business interest can’t be bothered to manage its own corporate security this month. The adventure and excitement offered certainly seems to be there, but it always seems to be about the almighty dollar. Who outside the boardroom truly cares about a few luxury cruise ships, anyway? Oh well, at least we actually got to deal with some organics this time around. Droids just don’t give the same squishy satisfaction when they collapse into pieces. Speaking of which, I don’t think anyone has become suspicious of my axe yet. I’ll have to remember to tip that supply Sergeant to keep things quiet. Although I doubt they’d throw me back to the Hutts, any internal disciplinary actions could be less than pleasant as well. I’m still not sure how I feel about this thing though; what does it say about me when my efficiency increases as much as it has based solely on a hunk of metal? Does the wielder even matter at that point? Is there more ground to be gained on the road to perfection without such toys? Do my talents even truly matter when an entire army can be destroyed by a single amateur slicer? Perhaps there may be something to be said for a degree of mechanical aptitude. So many questions still to be resolved…

Strelka's Log: After Pho Ph'eah
Entry 1

Pho Ph’eah wasn’t nearly as tough as it could have been if those alarms had gone off. Apart from the whining to keep the janitor droid, everything went fine. I can live with my decision to blast the old clanker. The recent team has been competent when they are on task, although they could learn to follow the wookie whenever it comes to battle. I was a little surprised when we split up. Speaking of wookies, I know the wookie hasn’t said a word about our deal at the mining station but some of the… weirder… members of our little band have been eyeing us lately. I might have a word with him about discretionary spending.

With this mission and the last mission I’ve been able to earn enough to put me in range for a Light Repeating Blaster. A quick dip into the “emergency fund” and a stop by C-Deck and the difference will just be made up by another nights gambling with the gunnery snipes. Been reading the manual on it all week, and if books were paper this would weigh as much as the gun. Lift and carry instructions, auto fire tuning, long range strafing tactics… I can almost smell roasting hutt.

The number of push ups I’m doing for this gun is ridiculous.

The Invasion of Pho Ph'eah
Episode 2

Operational Mission: The Cobalt Mercenary Regiment has been hired by the Kallea Merchants Guild from H’Kan to destroy a pirate/slaver fleet on the planet Pho Ph’eah, and in the process free peoples enslaved, to include the plant population.

Tactical Mission: Besh 3 has been tasked with taking over a Droid control bunker located in the Artic Circle of Pho Ph’eah.

Mission Background: Our customer in recent months has lost as many as three luxury cruise ships to piracy. Their sources have identified the ATHC as the aggressors responsible for this.

During the Clone Wars Pho Ph’eah was a Trade Federation Colony focused on warhousing goods, and upkeeping ships and crews near a number of minor trade routes. When the Clone War ended, Pho Ph’eah was one of several outposts that was overlooked by the Empire as it reconquered the Outer Rim. At the end of the war, the outpost commander was a Chevin by the name of Topsi Mon. When the war ended, he took command of the world through the droid forces that were at his command, and ordered the small fleet that was in orbit to distribute itself amung the various astroid belts and gas giants. Any commanders that didn’t follow his direction were murdered. A few years after the war, Topsi Mon created the Alyan Tusk Holding Company (ATHC) on Nar Shadda, claiming all the assets on and around Pho Ph’eah as war salvage. His fleet includes one Munificient – class star frigate, the Siren’s Call, two Recusant-class Light Destroyer’s, the Foreclosure and the Debtor’s Leash, as well as number of corvettes and support vessels. Since its formation, the ATHC has been one of the worse pirate and slavery organizations in the Outer Rim. However, the organization has always avoided the attention of the Empire, or any other major player in this region.

The ATHC does not own any droid control ships, so it droid army is controlled through a satellite based planetary system. Besh 3 is responsible for taking control of that facility and turning the droids against their masters.

There are still significant non-droid adversaries in the ATHC, so the entirety of Cobalt will be participating in this operation, including the Invictus. Besh 3’s mission will significantly reduce the difficulty of this mission, as well as the threat to any prisoners on the planet.

Besh Company Episode 1: Debts to pay
Opening Adventure

Besh Squad 3 was tasked to support Bargos the Hutt in assessing the worth of a Oridium mine that he acquired recently. The mine belonged to Oridelve Incorporated, and is located on the Planet Gavos in the Out Rim. The planet Gavos was known to be inhospitable to humanoid life due to severe storms within its thick atmosphere. These storms have been kept in check by the Storm Barrier Generator Belt.

For the mission, Besh 3 was tasked to escort one of Bargos’s underlings bOb a Chadra-fan and his protocol droid to assess the worth of the mine.

Mission Objectives:
1: Keep bOb alive to return to Bargos
2: Help bOb determine the viability of the mine for Bargos’s long term profit
3: Help bOb identify and acquire an immediate profit of 100,000 credits to offset immediate debts that Bargos owes

The Cobalt Mercenary Regiment was paid 5,000 credits upfront and will received 10% of the total immediate profit collected


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