Dark Times - Besh Company

Strelka's Log Entry 3

That last mission was more fun than I thought. Didn’t see why the boss had to get mad just because we asked for a few grenades. The whole planet is a war zone, and here we got to go to a party with nothing but carbines. I don’t like hanging with rich folks, too many skeletons even when they think they’re clean. Glad two of the boys stuck with our patron, gave me the chance to keep away from that mess. Turned out that was the right choice when the enemy showed up. Had to jump off a balcony to escape but damned if I had Sweetness here they’d have been the ones running.

Getting to call in the cavalry to recapture the VIPs was the best part of all this. Had to yell at some footy named Peace or something like that, but he got Sweetness to me so I guess I owe him one. No way I’m going up against a technical with just a carbine. A good ambush is its own reward. Feel kinda bad for the VIPs that got pasted after I shot the enemy leader type, but hey, it’s war. No such thing as a good war.



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