Dark Times - Besh Company

Strelka's Log: After Pho Ph'eah

Entry 1

Pho Ph’eah wasn’t nearly as tough as it could have been if those alarms had gone off. Apart from the whining to keep the janitor droid, everything went fine. I can live with my decision to blast the old clanker. The recent team has been competent when they are on task, although they could learn to follow the wookie whenever it comes to battle. I was a little surprised when we split up. Speaking of wookies, I know the wookie hasn’t said a word about our deal at the mining station but some of the… weirder… members of our little band have been eyeing us lately. I might have a word with him about discretionary spending.

With this mission and the last mission I’ve been able to earn enough to put me in range for a Light Repeating Blaster. A quick dip into the “emergency fund” and a stop by C-Deck and the difference will just be made up by another nights gambling with the gunnery snipes. Been reading the manual on it all week, and if books were paper this would weigh as much as the gun. Lift and carry instructions, auto fire tuning, long range strafing tactics… I can almost smell roasting hutt.

The number of push ups I’m doing for this gun is ridiculous.



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